Friday, November 22, 2013

Why Should You Upgrade to a Vitamix Blender?

With November upon us and the holidays fast approaching, many of us have already begun scouring the Internet for gift ideas for our friends and loved ones. From clothing to fine art to electronics and kitchen accessories, the options are limitless. One very thoughtful and extremely functional gift choice is a Vitamix blender. Since 1949, Vitamix has demonstrated to the world the power of true American engineering and excellent customer support with their long line of commercial quality in-home blenders. Fast forward to the present day and The Vitamix line of professional series blenders is now in its fourth generation and has provided American families a way to eat healthier for decades. But what makes these blenders so great, and why should you buy a Vitamix?


With unparalleled devotion to engineering and quality control, Vitamix blenders can withstand the rigors of use in the busiest of coffee and smoothie shops. Furthermore, this quality overlaps into the design of Vitamix’s home kitchen line of blenders, and these special machines are designed and built to withstand years upon years of demanding daily use in your home without breaking down or losing their effectiveness. The warranty that is included with the purchase of any new Professional Series Vitamix Blender is unmatched in its dedication to the customer, with most models providing a seven year warranty covering all parts, performance, and labor for the length of the warranty.

Complete Kitchen Tool

Lovingly referred to as Vitamixers by their owners, Vitamix machines are more than just blenders, with top chefs around the world demanding them as a vital part of their kitchen appliances. They easily combine ingredients in a quick and efficient manner to help restaurants and families alike make a plethora of delicious meals with a minimal amount of prep work. A Vitamix will also aid you in your pursuit of a healthier lifestyle, giving you the ability to make raw juices, fruit smoothies that are better than what you can find at most smoothie shops, a wide variety of milks and nut butters, fresh flour from raw wheat grain, purees for baby food or other dishes, and even hot soups directly in the container without a need to externally heat the mixture! Each Vitamix home blender comes standard with a recipe book to help you get the most out of your blender and broaden your cooking techniques.


Height is no longer an issue with a Vitamix blender. With many models measuring in at less than 18 inches, these blenders take up less counter space when in use and tuck away easily when you finish. All Vitamix home blender containers are made from only the highest quality BPA-free, food grade hardened plastic which cleans up easily with water and only a drop or two of dish soap.


Vitamix blenders carry a wide variety of technical features that are not available on other models in their price range, and provide a sleek look that adorns any kitchen d├ęcor perfectly. Our selection of Vitamix home accessories, for example, lets you adjust your blending techniques for wet and dry ingredients, find replacement parts, and purchase multiple containers for big blending jobs.

Made in the USA

Vitamix believes very strongly in the spirit of the American dream and are devoted to keeping local jobs local. As such, all Vitamix blenders are proudly manufactured in the United States of America and feature at minimum 70% American components.

Whether shopping for others or for yourself this holiday season, putting a Vitamix blender on the top of your list shows that you’ve really done your homework and want nothing less than the best. The perfect combination of speed, function, and cutting edge technology, a blender from Vitamix provides an instant upgrade to anyone’s arsenal of appliances. This holiday season, give the gift of the blender endorsed by the Culinary Institute of America and trusted by thousands of restaurants and businesses worldwide! 

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