Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Advantages of Forged Cutlery

When deciding on a new set of kitchen cutlery, one of the main factors you should take into consideration is whether the blades have been forged or stamped. Forging a blade imbues it with several characteristics that will improve your experience with the knife and make it a mainstay in your kitchen arsenal for years to come.

Let’s review a few of the advantages of forged cutlery over stamped cutlery.

  1. Improved Strength - Forging a blade improves its overall strength, increasing its longevity and durability. This is because forged blades come from one piece of continuously shaped metal which increases the density and rigidity of the steel. Stamped knives are cut out of large sheets of stainless steel. By design, they are less rigid and dense than forged blades. While this can be beneficial in certain cases, it also makes them more prone to bending or breaking.
  2. Easier, Less Frequent Sharpening - Forging a knife makes it less flexible due to its molecules being compressed closer together. This lower flexibility allows the blade to remain firm during use and keep its edge longer. A lower flexibility means the knife is easier to sharpen at a constant angle. A stamped knife, while more flexible and useful for delicate cutting like filleting, won’t hold a constant angle against a whetstone or other sharpener. This can lead to an uneven angle on your blade.
  3. High Quality Steel - The majority of forged blades are made of German steel. This metal is of the highest quality and resists both staining and corrosion when properly cared for by hand washing and towel drying right after use.
  4. Bolster Included - A bolster is the thick piece of metal between the handle and the blade itself, and is included on the majority of forged knives. Not only does this section help to protect your hand from cuts, but it also more weight to the knife which gives it superior balance. Stamped knives don’t include a bolster, which can throw off your hand’s balance while cutting and leave you more prone to accidental cuts.
  5. Last A Lifetime - Because of the care and craftsmanship put into a forged knife, you can expect the knife to last a lifetime. Many knives, in fact, carry a lifetime guarantee from their manufacturer, including Wusthof and Shun.
A set of forged cutlery, while more expensive than stamped cutlery, carries with it several benefits. Increased strength, sharpness, longevity, safety, and rigidity are all characteristics of a well-made, forged knife. Explore some of the forged cutlery we offer at J.L. Hufford like Wusthof blades, and see for yourself the advantages of using forged knives in your kitchen!

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