Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Jura Impressa Z9 Super Automatic Coffee Center Feature Review

The Jura Impressa Z9 One-Touch is the latest offering in the Jura Impressa line of espresso machines. Raising the bar to new heights for super automatic espresso, the Z9 showcases a litany of features that demonstrate Jura’s commitment to only the highest quality coffee.

                Jura has designed the Z9 with a focus on three areas:  user friendly operation, superb coffee quality and captivating design. By setting their focus on three specific objectives Jura has truly hit a home run with the Impressa Z9, instantly turning any specialty coffee into a one-of-a-kind treat. 

User Friendly Operation

Jura Impressa Z9 Espresso Machine Frontal View of Full-Color TFT Display

The Impressa Z9 comes equipped with some of the most advanced features available on the market today in order to bring you a more user-friendly experience and to truly capture the essence of super automatic espresso. Perfect for those who demand the finest quality coffee and simple user operation, the Z9 delivers the ultimate espresso experience in the comfort of your own home. 

Full-Color TFT Display

In order to facilitate the ultimate espresso experience, Jura has included their wildly popular full-color TFT display with the Impressa Z9. By utilizing high quality graphics, simplified menu options and large easy to read text Jura has delivered on their goal to make the most user-friendly espresso machine available today.

Rotary Switch

The Rotary Dial is Jura’s answer for simplistic controls. Simply turn the dial to your desired setting, push the start button and you’ll be enjoying a quality coffee drink in no time. The rotary dial also allows for fine-tuned adjustments to be made on the fly during the brewing process to give you complete control over the finished drink.

Fully Customizable Programming

The Z9 comes equipped with a number of pre-programmed drinks including macchiato, cappuccino, and café latte. Each of these drinks can be fully tailored to your tastes with parameters that allow you to adjust the strength of brew, milk foam levels and temperature very quickly and intuitively using the rotary switch and TFT display.

Superb Coffee Quality

Jura Impressa Z9 One-Touch Bottom Up View of Brewing Espresso
Quality espresso comes from quality equipment and the Z9 outperforms nearly all of its competitors. A litany of internal features like the Twin ThermoBlock Boiler System and Aroma + coffee grinder coupled with equally impressive external components like the fine foam milk frother help evoke a deep desire for quality espresso.

Twin ThermoBlock Boiler System

                The most important feature of any espresso machine is the boiler, and the Z9 features one of the most innovative and game-changing boiler designs to date. This model features a twin ThermoBlock design that eliminates one of the biggest problems faced by the home espresso machine, an untimely delay between milk frothing and coffee brewing.  This design ensures a constant supply of hot water for steaming and brewing and the temperature of both boilers can be independently set to create the perfect brew.

Aroma + Coffee Grinder

                The Swiss Engineered Aroma+ coffee grinding system featured in the Z9 is the true hallmark of Jura’s dedication to quality coffee.  Even the most novice barista understands the important of the coffee grind and that even the smallest changes to fineness settings can bring about big changes to the finished espresso. The Aroma+ grinder is fast, consistent, easy to dial-in and any heat transfer to the beans caused by the grinding process is negligible.

Fine Foam Frother

                The latest in milk frothing technology, this special tool is designed to prepare milk foam that is both fine and compact, giving it a rich and creamy consistency with a subtle sweetness. Dual frothing action helps burst any stray bubbles and condense the foam making it extremely fine.

Captivating Design

Jura Impressa Z9 Making Cappuccino

                Each Jura machine is designed by expert Swiss Engineers and feature some of the highest quality building materials that let your machine stand out no matter where you decide to put it. The Impressa Z9 simply oozes class; from its aluminum, corrosion resistant internal frame to the gorgeous black plastic case, the Z9 will help fill any space with the sweet smell of brewing espresso and a sleek look that is sure to please. 

Aluminum Support

                The Jura Impressa Z9 features an all aluminum support frame that is not only sturdy to support the weight of all of the other components but corrosion resistant to last a lifetime.  This specialized frame accomplishes a lot in a very small space and the aluminum construction material keeps the weight down making the machine easy to manage.

External Casing

                The external wrapping of the Impressa Z9 is made from only the highest quality piano black plastic. This plastic resists scuffs and scratches, is very simple to clean and protects the valuable internal components of the Z9.  As with all Jura Machines, the beautiful shape of this machine fits any décor nicely and will add an instant executive flair to any room.

The Future of Espresso is Now

                With a seemingly endless list of features, expert Swiss design, and the highest quality components, Jura has set a new gold standard for super automatic espresso in the Impressa Z9 One-Touch TFT Super Automatic Coffee Center. Jura’s dedication to user friendly operation, superb coffee quality and captivating design make this gorgeous espresso one of the best available today.

                JL Hufford will be proudly selling this special machine on or around May 1st, 2014 at which time we will have a more thorough usage review. 

Jura Impressa Z9 with milk carafe attached and making cappucino

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