Wednesday, April 23, 2014

How to Properly Use a French Press

Coffee should be savored as the beverage makes early mornings bearable. Most people use coffee machines because of their convenience and machines allow the lovely smell of coffee brewing to permeate a home. However, you should consider the benefits of a French press if you prefer to cherish this delectable drink.

What to Purchase for French Press Brewing
With the brewing device, you can enjoy some of today’s richest coffee. To use the brewing method, you’ll need to purchase several pieces of equipment and ingredients, which include:
  • A coffee grinder
  • A French press maker
  • Filtered water 
  • A coffee scoop or other measuring device 
  • A kettle for boiling water 
  • High quality coffee beans
How to Use a French Press Properly
It will take you several steps to use a French press properly. After brewing a few pots, you’ll be able to work through the steps quickly.
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  1. The first step is to boil water.
  2. Next, grind your coffee beans, as fresh ground beans will give you an intense flavor.
  3. After grinding your beans, add one rounded tablespoon of fresh ground coffee to your pot for each cup that you intend to brew. Spoon your coffee into the press quickly for the best flavor. 
  4. Pour the water into the press pot at a steady rate to ensure that all of the grounds become saturated. Once the water covers the grounds, you’ll notice that a small bloom begins to form. 
  5. To obtain the most flavor from your coffee, stir the mixture a few times. 
  6. The next step is to allow your coffee to steep. If you have a small press, then let it steep for one to three minutes. A large French press will need to steep the coffee for about four minutes. 
  7. After the steeping process is complete, press your filter down evenly and at a steady pace. If you allow one side to float up, then you’ll wind up drinking grounds with your coffee. 
  8. Once you’ve plunged the press, you can pour yourself a cup of coffee. Be sure to hold onto the lid to prevent the grounds from pouring out with your caffeinated beverage. 
  9. You are now ready to savor your first sip of exceptional-tasting coffee.
Tips and Recommendations
Keep in mind that a French press produces fresh coffee that is meant to be consumed immediately. Furthermore, you should avoid leaving coffee in the maker for any amount of time because coffee made in a French press continues to extract. Permit the coffee sediment to settle in your French press pot for about 30 seconds prior to pouring it into your mug. You should clean your press pot after every use because coffee leaves behind an oily substance on the glass. Also, a clean pot will improve the beverage’s flavor.

Since a good cup of coffee can positively influence your day, consider spoiling yourself by using a French press. With the brewing device, you can have a flavorful cup of coffee daily. Be sure to visit our knowledge base for more information on French press use.

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