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Vitamix S-30 Product Final Review

Vitamix S-30 Review


The brand new Vitamix S-30 has been available to the public for a little while now and those who picked one up as they came out have had a little bit of time to explore their new blender, including us!
We were all pretty excited about getting to try out the latest offering from our friends at Vitamix, who's main production facility we visited in early June (sidenote: awesome facility guys!).
In case you missed our earlier post about the Vitamix S-30, we'll catch you up to speed. The S-30 is the first compact sized blender available from Vitamix, the same people who brought you the groundbreaking Vitamix 750.

So what's so cool about the S-30?

Firstly, the S-30 is a Vitamix machine and if you've ever had the pleasure of owning or even using a Vitamix machine before, you know to expect only the highest quality. Nestling itself into a market saturated with cheap, poorly constructed "miniature" blenders that break easily and often wind up at the back of the lowest kitchen shelf, the S-30 blender is designed to provide a personal experience unlike anything else available on the market today and it really does deliver on it's promise.
Designed with a busy, on-the-go person in mind, the Vitamix S-30 is designed from the base up to provide your whole family with a one-of-a kind, quick, easy to use blender solution that turns out one of the best smoothies we've ever had, all in a convenient, portable, spill-resistant travel container, a first from Vitamix! The motor base in the S-30 is extremely powerful, far more powerful than any of the other "personal" blenders available today, and with it's 840 watt power rating it's easy to understand why. While it won't make liquids hot like the Pro 750 does, this feature isn't really necessary with a personal blender, besides, this little guy alread has a motor that would put most big-box full sized blenders to shame!!
The real innovation comes from the twin jar system and detachable motor base that comes standard with a new Vitamix S-30. The first jar is a more traditional style blender jar and has a 40-ounce capacity. As with all Vitamix jars, the 40-ounce standard Jar for the S-30 is BPA-free and is made from only the highest quality plastic. Being a smaller size and being slightly thicker than most other Vitamix jars, it just feels more sturdy in your hand and could definitely handle a decent sized fall without suffering damage. The other jar that comes standard is the brand new Vitamix 20-Ounce Travel Container/Cup with Flip-Top lid. This container is what really makes the S-30 stand out in the crowd. it is not only used to hold your beverages, but can also be used as the blender jar itself! No mess, no fuss, simply fill up your S-30 Travel Cup with your favorite smoothie ingredients, screw on the detachable blade base and blend! When finished, unscrew the blade base and attach the spill-resistant flip-top lid and you're all done. Having this type of setup really helps to eliminate the intermediate steps and speeds up the whole process while also dirtying up fewer dishes! Both jars are dishwasher safe, and the detachable blade base is much easier to clean than on other Vitamix models where the blade base is attached to the jar.

Who's it for and Final Thoughts

As we tested the demonstration model that was sent to us, we learned that the S-30 really does deliver an unmatched PERSONAL blender experience. I have used other mini blenders before, and this one takes the cake, by a mile. This little machine would be perfect for the busy family who doesn't have enough time to wash out the blender jar multiple times (just don't forget to get a Travel Container for each person) or for a college student with limited space. It is also perfect for anyone who wants a quick solution for a morning smoothie to go! The Vitamix S-30 is powerful, easy to use, is fairly quiet for being such a powerful blender, provides an unmatched personal blender experience, and cleans up easily. While the motor isn't as powerful as it's big brother, and the rubber foot grips could have probably been designed a little better, those were the only flaws that we noticed, and that says a lot about this personal blender. The Vitamix S-30 shows us that personal blenders are viable for in-home use on a daily basis and leaves us wondering what the next innovations in the brand new "S" line will be.

Vitamix S-30 Blender, Available Now For $398.95

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