Thursday, January 30, 2014

A Review of J.L. Hufford Superautomatika® Blend Coffee

Designed for super-automatic espresso machines and featuring a full bodied taste with low acidity, the trademarked Superautomatika® Blend coffee beans offered exclusively from J.L. Hufford has become popular amongst coffee lovers. Several customers have asked why we are one of the only companies who offer a special blend for these super machines. Truth be told, we don’t know of any other coffee company who roasts a similar blend, but here is the story of why we do:

The Equipment-based Reason We Crafted this Blend
Anyone who has owned a super-automatic espresso machine knows that they have both benefits and limitations. Fully automated machines produce consistent beverages with minimal required skills, delivering quality coffee drinks to every person who uses them. One of the downsides to the machines made for home brewing is that they are built so that they cannot be completely disassembled for internal cleaning. Excessive oils from overly dark coffee beans and the residue created from grinding them build up on the grinder components, which will cause inconsistent operation and malfunction. Naturally, we are not allowed to name and shame those notorious brands of coffee, but if your beans have a deep chocolate-to-black color and they stick to each other and surfaces, they are going to cause problems with your machine.

The Coffee-based Reason We Crafted this Blend
Many espresso blends that perform well on traditional machines just don’t produce the same results in super-autos, yielding undesirable drinks. Also, some users want to brew single serving coffee, similar to what a drip maker creates. Super-automatics, however, brew under pressure, and your typical coffee blend or origin is roasted for use in drip machines or alternate methods. These types of coffee, notably those from a more acidic origin, taste very different from how the roaster describes when brewed under pressure. Finally, flavored coffees are not at all suitable for any espresso machine, especially a super-automatic.

The Coffee
To address the problems above, we spent years testing, developing, and perfecting Superautomatika® Blend until it was finally released in 2005. Our proprietary method of roasting Arabica beans of Sumatran and Indian origin at a medium-to-dark level mingled with high grade Robusta delivers a blend with a slight sheen of oil. Both our customers and our team members have raved over the cup quality of Superautomatika® Blend when used in Jura, Saeco, DeLonghi, Gaggia, Krups and other machines. Straight espresso drinks (approximately 1 ounce per shot) extract with a rich, thick layer of crema laden with chocolate and caramel notes. Cappuccinos and lattes still hold onto the aroma, whereas some other coffees disappear entirely into the milk. When brewing a long coffee, the most you can ask for from a super-automatic machine is either a 6 ounce single or a 12 ounce double, and Superautomatika® delivers a rich, smooth body.

The Packaging
Freshness is of the utmost importance when it comes to coffee. We sell several hundred pounds of Superautomatika® Blend each week, so orders have been roasted within 3 days prior to shipment. Once the coffee is ready for transport, we vacuum seal it inside of light and air-tight, foil gusseted bags to ensure freshness the moment you open a bag for your next cup. One pound bags are the most popular size, but you can stock up for months with our 5lb bag size at a discounted price per pound. We would, of course, recommend that you portion, seal, and store what will not be immediately used on bulk orders.

The Tail End of the Brew
All puns aside, when you pair a quality super-automatic espresso machine from J.L. Hufford with our signature Superautomatika® Blend coffee, you will experience the best performance that your equipment has to offer. That being said, individual coffee preference varies wildly, and even the best coffees in the world are not favored by every person. If Superautomatika® Blend just isn’t your cup of Joe; we encourage you to try our imported Italian brands such as Illy or Lavazza. If you own one of these machines and are still searching for its sweet spot, you owe it to yourself to try our most popular coffee creation. Bring home the freshness and decadence of J.L. Hufford signature blends with a bag or two of Superautomatika® today!

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

The Health Benefits of Coffee

It turns out the billions of coffee drinkers around the world may have been getting more than a morning perk from that cup of rich, flavorful coffee they’ve been enjoying all this time. Extensive medical research has shown that coffee may have an array of health benefits for people with a variety of conditions. Specifically, coffee has potential health benefits for diabetics, people with or at risk of cancer, or people with memory retention problems.

Health Benefits of Coffee for Diabetics

Type 2 diabetes is believed to be linked to the reduced activity of sex hormone-binding globulin (SHBG) which is a protein that regulates your body’s testosterone and estrogen. That delicious cup of coffee you’re drinking is helping to increase your body’s levels of SHBG, thus helping to prevent Type 2 diabetes. Furthermore, a chemical in coffee called quinines can cause your body to become more sensitive to insulin. In turn, this means that less insulin is required for your body to properly regulate its blood sugar levels. Inversely, a diabetic’s cells are less sensitive to insulin which requires the pancreas to work harder to produce more.

Health Benefits of Coffee for Cancer

While genetics and several other factors play into a patient’s chances of developing different types of cancer, drinking coffee has been shown to have preventative effects on a variety of cancers. According to, studies with over 5,000 participants showed regular coffee drinking helped protect women against multiple forms of breast cancer and reduce their chances of developing it by 57%. Other studies review a reduced risk of anywhere from 20-60% for men developing prostate cancer.

Health Benefits of Coffee for Memory Retention

Moderate doses of caffeine have been found to improve short-term memory retention in a number of research projects. Several studies have even shown regular coffee drinking reduces the chance of the onset of Alzheimer’s Disease.

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As with any medical-related findings, nothing is fully proven and all data gathered are the result of a controlled test. No one will be able to speak to your individual health better than your doctor. While these findings have been repeated through multiple studies, they represent but a fraction of coffee drinkers as a whole. Before you begin altering your diet for health reasons, be sure to consult a medical professional, but don’t be scared to enjoy that cup of cappuccino as well!

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Advantages of Forged Cutlery

When deciding on a new set of kitchen cutlery, one of the main factors you should take into consideration is whether the blades have been forged or stamped. Forging a blade imbues it with several characteristics that will improve your experience with the knife and make it a mainstay in your kitchen arsenal for years to come.

Let’s review a few of the advantages of forged cutlery over stamped cutlery.

  1. Improved Strength - Forging a blade improves its overall strength, increasing its longevity and durability. This is because forged blades come from one piece of continuously shaped metal which increases the density and rigidity of the steel. Stamped knives are cut out of large sheets of stainless steel. By design, they are less rigid and dense than forged blades. While this can be beneficial in certain cases, it also makes them more prone to bending or breaking.
  2. Easier, Less Frequent Sharpening - Forging a knife makes it less flexible due to its molecules being compressed closer together. This lower flexibility allows the blade to remain firm during use and keep its edge longer. A lower flexibility means the knife is easier to sharpen at a constant angle. A stamped knife, while more flexible and useful for delicate cutting like filleting, won’t hold a constant angle against a whetstone or other sharpener. This can lead to an uneven angle on your blade.
  3. High Quality Steel - The majority of forged blades are made of German steel. This metal is of the highest quality and resists both staining and corrosion when properly cared for by hand washing and towel drying right after use.
  4. Bolster Included - A bolster is the thick piece of metal between the handle and the blade itself, and is included on the majority of forged knives. Not only does this section help to protect your hand from cuts, but it also more weight to the knife which gives it superior balance. Stamped knives don’t include a bolster, which can throw off your hand’s balance while cutting and leave you more prone to accidental cuts.
  5. Last A Lifetime - Because of the care and craftsmanship put into a forged knife, you can expect the knife to last a lifetime. Many knives, in fact, carry a lifetime guarantee from their manufacturer, including Wusthof and Shun.
A set of forged cutlery, while more expensive than stamped cutlery, carries with it several benefits. Increased strength, sharpness, longevity, safety, and rigidity are all characteristics of a well-made, forged knife. Explore some of the forged cutlery we offer at J.L. Hufford like Wusthof blades, and see for yourself the advantages of using forged knives in your kitchen!