Thursday, July 16, 2015

Product Training Day

It's product training day here at JL Hufford! Today we are learning more about the Jura Z7 and are being introduced to the new Jura A9! If you're looking for a low maintenance and quality super automatic machine, Jura is the brand for you! The lattes these machines produce are so good and simple to produce! With a touch of button, you will have a high quality, great tasting latte in under two minutes! No more $5.00(+) trips to the coffee shop! If you prefer a slimmer more high tech machine, the A9 is the machine you need! If you prefer a more low tech machine, you'll want to check out the Z7! Call us at 877-554-8336 or email us support@jlhufford, or even use our online chat to see what our current best price is! 

Jura Impressa A9 - CHECK IT OUT
Jura Impressa Z7 - CHECK IT OUT

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