Friday, August 14, 2015

Drink Recipe of the Day: Strawberry Banana Milkshake

Strawberry Banana Milkshake
Looking for a sweet treat to beat the heat? Try this great recipe for Strawberry Banana Milkshakes. What's even better, this recipe is low fat and naturally sweetened. Mix up this tasty treat with your very own Vitamix blender.

Used in This Recipe:

Strawberry Banana Milkshake


-1 cup of vanilla nonfat frozen yogurt or ice cream
-1 cup of frozen unsweetened strawberries
-1 small banana, peeled
-3/4 cup of milk
-1 Tablespoon of sugar
-1/4 cup of ice cubes

  1. Place all ingredients into the Vitamix container in the order listed and secure lid.
  2. Select Variable 1.
  3. Turn machine on and slowly increase the speed to Variable 10 and then to High.
  4. Blend for 1 minute or until desired consistency is reached.
For a non-dairy alternative, use soy milk and soy ice cream.

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