Monday, August 24, 2015

I'm making Waffles! Chef's Choice WafflePro

Chef's Choice WafflePro M840B
Fabulous waffles begin with a good recipe but depend on a versatile waffle maker to fully develop the flavor and texture.  Some people prefer a waffle with a moist interior like freshly baked bread and some like a waffle uniformly crunchy waffle with less moisture on the inside.  I love the Chef’s Choice waffle maker because it can do so much more than waffles.  Waffled chicken breast, waffled onion rings, and waffled pineapple just to name a few!  My favorite is the buttermilk cornmeal waffles.  The buttermilk and cornmeal gave the waffles so much flavor.  You can’t go wrong with this recipe.

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