Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Holiday Gift Guide: Le Creuset French Oven

Le Creuset 6.75 Quart Enameled Cast Iron Round French Oven

This holiday season we'll be releasing a series of videos designed to make you holiday shopping experience much simpler! We'll be showing you a variety of different pieces that would make a perfect gift for the gourmet lover in your life. First, we'd like to introduce the Le Creuset French Oven, also known as a Dutch Oven, this beautiful pan is perfect for slow cooking roasts, even giving you the ability to brown those roasts before you add liquid. This beautiful pan features 100% high quality cast iron construction, and is enameled for a beautiful and long lasting finish. This pan is available in a variety of sizes and vivid colors to fit your kitchen perfectly.

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Friday, November 7, 2014

Three Most Important Kitchen Knives - With Chef Mike from Wusthof

If you're knife shopping for loved ones this year and feel like there are just too many options to choose from, you are not alone. It seems like there are about 10 different versions of the same style of blade, and that's mostly true. While cutlery makers keep coming up the the next "must-have knife," there are some knives that should definitely be in every kitchen.

We asked Chef Mike Garaghty, Wuthof's corporate chef, to come out to Lafayette and helps us all understand more about Wusthof knives and what every kitchen needs. Watch the video to hear him say it better than we can, but every home chef should have, at the very least, a cook's knife, a serrated knife, and a paring knife. Wusthof even offers a conveniently packaged set which includes all three, the Classic 3 Piece Starter Set.

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Vitamix SNL Spoof

Did you catch this hilarious Vitamix Spoof on SNL a few weeks ago, we thought it was hilarious!

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J.L. Hufford – Now Recognized as Google Trusted Store

Google Trusted Stores Logo

J.L. Hufford, industry leaders in gourmet coffee, tea and high quality housewares, was recently selected to join the Google Trusted Stores program. To help shoppers identify online merchants that offer a great shopping experience, the Google Trsuted Store badge is awarded to e-commerce sites that demonstrate a track record of on-time shipping and excellent customer service.

Now, when visiting the J.L. Hufford website, you can hover over the Google Trusted Store badge and see metrics on our store’s shipping and customer service performance. J.L. Hufford has 100% rating for top quality customer service and a 98% excellence rating for on-time shipping.

J.L. Hufford has long been the internet’s premiere retailer of gourmet coffee, gourmet tea and the highest quality house wares, cookware, cutlery and more. We have always striven to provide our customers with the highest levels of service featuring a personal touch that other companies simply cannot provide. Being accepted into the Google Trusted Stores program provides you, the customer, absolute confidence in our Customer Service and Shipping habits and demonstrates our commitment to giving you only the finest quality at the best prices!

As an added benefit, when you make a purchase at our store, you now have the option to select free purchase protection from Google. In the highly unlikely event of an issue with your purchase, you can now request Google’s help, and Google will work with J.L. Hufford and you, the customer, to address the issue in a timely fashion. As part of this new program, Google offers up to $1,000 lifetime purchase protection for eligible purchases.

We hope that you’ll take advantage of this new, free program with J.L. Hufford and as always shop with the highest confidence that you’ll be getting the highest quality customer service and shipping service available. At J.L. Hufford, you can truly Discover Gourmet!

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Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Vitamix S-30 Product Final Review

Vitamix S-30 Review


The brand new Vitamix S-30 has been available to the public for a little while now and those who picked one up as they came out have had a little bit of time to explore their new blender, including us!
We were all pretty excited about getting to try out the latest offering from our friends at Vitamix, who's main production facility we visited in early June (sidenote: awesome facility guys!).
In case you missed our earlier post about the Vitamix S-30, we'll catch you up to speed. The S-30 is the first compact sized blender available from Vitamix, the same people who brought you the groundbreaking Vitamix 750.

So what's so cool about the S-30?

Firstly, the S-30 is a Vitamix machine and if you've ever had the pleasure of owning or even using a Vitamix machine before, you know to expect only the highest quality. Nestling itself into a market saturated with cheap, poorly constructed "miniature" blenders that break easily and often wind up at the back of the lowest kitchen shelf, the S-30 blender is designed to provide a personal experience unlike anything else available on the market today and it really does deliver on it's promise.
Designed with a busy, on-the-go person in mind, the Vitamix S-30 is designed from the base up to provide your whole family with a one-of-a kind, quick, easy to use blender solution that turns out one of the best smoothies we've ever had, all in a convenient, portable, spill-resistant travel container, a first from Vitamix! The motor base in the S-30 is extremely powerful, far more powerful than any of the other "personal" blenders available today, and with it's 840 watt power rating it's easy to understand why. While it won't make liquids hot like the Pro 750 does, this feature isn't really necessary with a personal blender, besides, this little guy alread has a motor that would put most big-box full sized blenders to shame!!
The real innovation comes from the twin jar system and detachable motor base that comes standard with a new Vitamix S-30. The first jar is a more traditional style blender jar and has a 40-ounce capacity. As with all Vitamix jars, the 40-ounce standard Jar for the S-30 is BPA-free and is made from only the highest quality plastic. Being a smaller size and being slightly thicker than most other Vitamix jars, it just feels more sturdy in your hand and could definitely handle a decent sized fall without suffering damage. The other jar that comes standard is the brand new Vitamix 20-Ounce Travel Container/Cup with Flip-Top lid. This container is what really makes the S-30 stand out in the crowd. it is not only used to hold your beverages, but can also be used as the blender jar itself! No mess, no fuss, simply fill up your S-30 Travel Cup with your favorite smoothie ingredients, screw on the detachable blade base and blend! When finished, unscrew the blade base and attach the spill-resistant flip-top lid and you're all done. Having this type of setup really helps to eliminate the intermediate steps and speeds up the whole process while also dirtying up fewer dishes! Both jars are dishwasher safe, and the detachable blade base is much easier to clean than on other Vitamix models where the blade base is attached to the jar.

Who's it for and Final Thoughts

As we tested the demonstration model that was sent to us, we learned that the S-30 really does deliver an unmatched PERSONAL blender experience. I have used other mini blenders before, and this one takes the cake, by a mile. This little machine would be perfect for the busy family who doesn't have enough time to wash out the blender jar multiple times (just don't forget to get a Travel Container for each person) or for a college student with limited space. It is also perfect for anyone who wants a quick solution for a morning smoothie to go! The Vitamix S-30 is powerful, easy to use, is fairly quiet for being such a powerful blender, provides an unmatched personal blender experience, and cleans up easily. While the motor isn't as powerful as it's big brother, and the rubber foot grips could have probably been designed a little better, those were the only flaws that we noticed, and that says a lot about this personal blender. The Vitamix S-30 shows us that personal blenders are viable for in-home use on a daily basis and leaves us wondering what the next innovations in the brand new "S" line will be.

Vitamix S-30 Blender, Available Now For $398.95

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

All-Clad Casserole Pan Giveaway #2!

Due to the wild popularity of our last giveaway we've decided to give you all another shot at winning one of these gorgeous casserole pans. Check out the details below and enter for your chance to win, remember that you can enter each day for another shot to win! Thanks everyone and good luck! a Rafflecopter giveaway

Thursday, May 22, 2014

Coming Soon to JL Hufford: Viking Professional Cookware

Viking Professional Logo

Coming Soon: A New Leader in High Quality Cookware

Viking 3-Ply 10 Piece Set
Viking 3-Ply 10 Piece Set
Since 1980, Viking Professional has been the go to choice for oven ranges for the serious chef, both at home and in the workplace. Built only from the highest quality materials and to the strictest production standards, Viking quickly became known as one of the world's leaders in high quality ovens and cook-tops and today Viking is the go-to model when purchasing a top-of-the-line oven for any home or business kitchen.

Viking, realizing that there aren't many cookware brands out there that come close to the level of craftsmanship and quality demanded by Viking customers and seeing an opportunity to again wow it's customers with their unrivaled products are releasing two, brand new, state-of-the-art cookware lines to give serious cooks the serious tools that they need to be successful in today's high volume world.

Multi-Ply Stainless Steel Construction

3-Ply Cookware Construction Example
3-Ply Construction
Known for building some of the finest quality oven ranges in the world, Viking Professional cut no corners when designing the two cookware lines that to compliment their ovens: The Viking Professional 3-Ply Cookware Line, and The Viking Professional 5-Ply Cookware Line. 

Multi-Ply Construction, simply put, refers to the multiple layers of various metals used during the production of the cookware piece. Each of these layers (or "plys) features a different type of metal that serves it's own purpose in the construction process and when these layers are sandwiched together during manufacture it allows the user to best utilize the properties of each metal on their range. Generally, a pan that has more layers weighs more and costs slightly more but in turn provides far better thermal performance and durability over cookware pieces with less layers.

The Viking Difference 

Multi-Ply construction is no big secret in the cookware world as top producers like All-Clad have been utilizing this type of design for many years now to make some of the finest cookware in the world. What really separates Viking cookware from the rest of the pack is a dedication to making an unrivaled product and an absolutely unwavering commitment to quality control procedures that ensure that the user a pan that will not only last a lifetime but provide performance that is second to none.

Viking 5-Ply 8 Quart Stockpot
Viking Professional 5-Ply 8 Quart Stock Pot
Multi-ply construction from Viking includes 18/10 stainless steel for the cooking surface and exterior on all vessels and a specially designed combination of stainless steel and aluminum alloy layers for a lifetime of high quality performance, extreme durability, extremely easy cleanup and most importantly, quick and even heat distribution throughout the pan to ensure that your food is thoroughly cooked each and every time. All Viking cookware pieces can be used on any cooking surface: gas, electric, halogen, ceramic and even induction. With unrivaled thermal performance, a Viking pan will allow you to cook with less heat than with other pots and pans meaning that you'll save money on your energy bill and reduce your carbon footprint.

An ergonomic stainless steel handle is constructed from only the finest investment-cast steel and is double riveted to each vessel and proudly emblazoned with the Viking logo so you know that you're getting only the best. This ergonomic handle helps to balance the pan perfectly with the wrist and the forearm, making lifting a full pan easy. A special "stay-cool" vent design provides maximum comfort and secure handling during transport.

Viking, ever present of the aesthetic requirements that modern day kitchens present have designed their quality cookware sets to look beautiful in any kitchen. The stainless steel exterior of each pan features a luxurious shine that can only be accomplished with the highest quality steel and is sure to help spice up the look of any kitchen that you use it in.

Something for Everyone

Whether you are cooking for one or 100, Viking Professional has exactly what you need in their new cookware lines. 

The Viking 3-Ply Cookware Line features three layers of stainless steel and aluminum alloys to provide you with the best heat distribution and easiest cleanup possible. These lightweight pans are excellent for the home kitchen and are designed to perfectly compliment any Viking Professional Range. 

The Viking 5-Ply Cookware Line features five unique layers of stainless steel and aluminum and provide a uniquely rugged vessel that has nearly un-matched thermal conductivity. This line of cookware is perfect for culinary professionals who may use a single vessel multiple times during the day and require a heavy-duty pan that can withstand the rigors of today's commercial kitchens. 

Viking even features special Nonstick Cookware to make cleaning up even the messiest, most stuck on foods a breeze. The nonstick coating on Viking Professional cookware outperforms most other brands' nonstick offerings and the black color provides a gorgeous contrast to the shining stainless steel, giving you an excellent discussion piece in your kitchen.

The Future of Cookware 

Whether you are looking to start a brand new cookware collection to match the quality and performance of a Viking Professional Range or want to bolster an existing set with the highest quality cookware available, look no further than the Viking Professional Cookware Line, available Mid to Late June at JL Hufford - Discover Gourmet!

Viking Professional Cookware, Proudly made in the United States.